ANSI C78.901-2014


ANSI C78.901-2014

ANSI C78.901-2014 American National Standard for Electric Lamps - Single-Based Fluorescent Lamps - Dimensional and Electrical Characteristics

standard by American National Standards Institute, 07/02/2014

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ANSI C78.901-2014

Full Description

This standard sets forth the physical and electrical characteristics required to assure the interchangeability and to assist in the proper application of single-based fluorescent lamps. Single-based compact fluorescent lamps, both self-supporting and those requiring auxiliary support, including circular, square and U-shaped lamps are specified. Specifications for both the lamp itself and the interactive features of the lamp with the ballast are given. Information for luminaire design is given for certain lamp types.

The lamps covered in this standard are intended for use with external ballasts as described. These lamps are designed for 60Hz and/or high frequency operation.

Many of the lamp types covered in this standard are closely comparable to those specified in IEC 60901.

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